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Creating a pay stub for small business owners

April 30, 2017

Small business owners face unique challenges getting loans, even with excellent credit. One tool that they can use is a pay stub. Here's how to use Pay Stub Depot to make pay stubs based on your tax return to prove your income.

  1. Find your annual salary from your income tax return for last year
  2. Log onto Pay Stub Depot
  3. Click on Build Your Pay Stub at the top of the screen to go to our paystub generator
  4. Select your state
  5. Choose your Marital Status
  6. Choose how you're paid.
  7. Click on the Salary radio button
  8. Type in your annual income from your tax return
  9. Choose how many exemptions you have
  10. Enter your local tax rate, if any
  11. Enter your business name and address
  12. Enter your name and address
  13. Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number
  14. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen
  15. Choose how many pay stubs you need
  16. Click on the Preview button
  17. Review your pay stubs and after you've verified that they're correct, click on the Buy Now button and buy your real pay stubs from Pay Stub Depot's pay stub generator
  18. Use your tax return and your paystubs to verify your income so you can get the loan that you need!

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