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How can I make a legit pay stub?

Feb 24, 2021

How can I make a legit pay stub?

Making a legit pay stub is easy when you're using the right tool. Pay Stub Depot's real check stubs generator is the best tool you can use to make legit pay stubs. Our paycheck stubs look great, include local taxes, and do all of the math to calculate your taxes for you!

Here are simple and easy to follow directions to create your real check stub:

  1. Log onto Pay Stub Depot
  2. Tap on Create Pay Stub
  3. Fill out the grey area at the top of the screen
    • Select the state that you live in from the pop up menu
    • Choose if you're lucky enough to be married or if you're single like me
    • Choose how often you're paid. Weekly, every other week, monthly, twice a month, or once a year
    • Tap on Hourly or Salary
    • Enter your hourly pay rate or your annual salary
      • If you're hourly enter how many hours you're being paid for. Enter the total hours on the pay stub, not your weekly hours!!
    • If you just started at your job and you haven't been there for the full year change the Pay Period YTD. Otherwise leave it at the default. Our great paystub generator automatically picks which pay period this is for you so you don't have to!
    • If you're a contractor tap on the Contractor check box. Be careful, contractors don't have taxes taken out of their pay checks so if you tap on that you won't have any taxes taken out of your real check stub!
    • Choose how many exemptions you're claiming
      • If your parents can claim you on their tax return pick 0
      • If you're single and you don't have any children, pick 1
      • If you have children, pick 1 + the number of children you have. For example, if you have two children pick 3
    • Do you have to pay local taxes like I used to? Then put in your local tax rate and watch your take home pay drop like a rock. It sucks paying taxes, doesn't it?
    • Do you get tips? Enter how much you are claiming in tips and our pay stub will enter tips onto your pay stub for you!
  4. Fill out the Earnings Statement below the grey area
    • Your employer's name and address
    • Your name and address. If your name and address are too long leave the Zip Code off of the address or abbreviate part of the address.
    • The last four digits of your Social Security Number
    • The Pay Date. Filling this in will set the From Date and Thru Date automatically for you!
    • The First and Last day of the Pay Period if the auto-filled dates are incorrect. Be careful, changing the Pay Date changes the Reporting Period dates!
    • The Check Number
    • Your Employee Number
    • If you're hourly you can modify your hours worked and hourly rate on the Earnings Statement
    • If you earn tips you can modify your tips on the Earnings Statement
  5. Pick how many Paycheck Stubs you need to buy. The more you buy the less you pay per pay stub. If you buy 10 genuine check stubs you only pay $4.99 each!
  6. Click on the Preview Pay Stub button.
  7. Proofread your pay stub carefully! This is incredibly important!
    • Did you spell everything correctly?
    • Is everything capitalized the same way? Pay stubs look terrible if everything on them is lower case.
    • Check to make sure that the dates are right! Real pay stubs have perfect dates!
    • Look at your tax withholding to make sure that it looks good too.
    • If you need to make changes click on the blue Edit button to edit your check stubs before buying them!
  8. Click on the Buy Now button to go to PayPal to buy your fake pay stubs!
  9. After you pay for your legit pay stubs you'll be taken back to the Pay Stub Depot web site where you can download your great looking pay stubs with the Pay Stub Depot removed
  10. If you need to make changes after paying for your paycheck stubs Contact Us and our customer service department will happily fix them for you!
  11. Create your pay stub now

    • Instant e-mail delivery
    • Safe, fast, and easy
    • Available 24x7
Our paystub generator allows you to instantly create professional pay stubs online with ease!
Our template with it's automated calculations, makes it quick to build, preview, purchase and print your pay stub instantly!
Take a minute and make your own real paystub!

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