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How do I prove my income?

August 28, 2017

I hear this question all of the time and it's why I created this web site. "I need to show proof of income so that I can get a car or an apartment. How can I prove my income?"

"Show them your tax returns and your bank statements!" is my first answer. Those records are the best way to prove your income. But so many people won't accept them as proof of income, they insist on pay stubs. I don't understand it, but when that happens you still need to provide them with documentation that they'll accept.

When you need pay stubs but you don't have any, use Pay Stub Depot's online pay stub generator to make your pay stubs! It's very simple, here's what you need to do:

  1. Pull up your tax return from last year and look at how much money you earned. Use your Gross Income, which is the total amount that you earned before any deductions.
  2. Divide your Gross Income by 2,000.
  3. Click here to generate a pay stub.
  4. Pick what state you live in, enter your marital status, and enter the number that you calculated by dividing your Gross Income by 2,000 in the Hourly Rate field.
  5. Fill out the rest of your pay stub.
  6. Pick how many paycheck stubs you need and click on the Preview button
  7. If you need to make any changes, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Edit button. Make the changes that you need to make and then click on the Preview button again.
  8. Once the preview of your paystub looks good, enter your email address and click on the Buy Now button.
  9. Pay for your pay stub on PayPal and we will email your paystub to you instantly!

It's that simple and easy to provide proof of income to companies that won't accept your tax returns. Try it out today!

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