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I made a mistake on my real paycheck stub. How do I fix it?

August 13, 2018

When you make a mistake on your real pay check stub from Pay Stub Depot, just use our Contact Us form to send us an email and our helpful, friendly, courteous customer service staff will make the corrections and send you an updated paystub.

For faster service, please include all of the details that you need us to correct when you ask us for help.

  • Are the dates wrong? Double check what day of the week the Pay Date is, our pay stub generator automatically corrects the Pay Date so that your pay check stubs are never paid on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Is the pay amount wrong? We'll fix that too!
  • Do you want each real paystub to be for a different amount? Our paycheck stub generator doesn't do that yet, but we are working on an advanced paystub generator that will correctly calculate pay stubs with PTO, sick time, vacation time, holiday pay, and even jury duty!

Thank you very much for your business. Pay Stub Depot is here for you before and after the sale because we appreciate your patronage.

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