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I work for tips. How can I get an apartment or a car without a pay stub?

May 25, 2017

Millions of honest, hard working people in this country are paid mostly or completely in tips. They either don't get real pay stubs or their paystubs are only for a couple of bucks and don't show how much they really earn. Waiters and waitresses are paid this way, but so are the hostesses who seat people, bar backs who keep the bar stocked up, and shot girls at night clubs. make real check stubs Adult entertainers such as exotic dancers and actors in porn movies are only paid in tips or with normal checks, not pay checks with pay stubs.

When people whose jobs don't come with real paystubs need to get an apartment or a car loan, they usually can't because even with great credit scores and income tax returns proving how much money they earn because landlords and banks want to see pay check stubs to verify applicant's income. Many people who are paid in tips either don't buy the nice car that they can afford and buy a beat up junker instead or they turn to a web site that creates fake pay stubs! Don't buy a cheap car and don't buy a fake pay stub either! Buy a real paycheck stub from Pay Stub Depot instead! It's fast easy, and guaranteed!

Pay Stub Depot is your solution! Our quick and easy paystub generator generates real printable paystubs that waiters, waitresses, bartenders, bouncers, shot girls, and adult entertainers who are paid in tips can use to prove their income! Don't buy a fake pay stub. Use one of our real pay stub with your tax returns instead! Don't forget to preview your real pay stub for free before you buy it!

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