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I'm embarassed about where I work and I need a car. What should I do?

May 27, 2017

realcheck stubs Some of us have jobs that we're not very proud of. You know who you are because you've experienced it. You're out at a bar talking with a beautiful woman and when you tell her that you're a car salesman all of a sudden she's not interested any more. Or you're at a PTO meeting and when it's time for introductions you tell everyone that you're an exotic dancer because you're embarassed to admit that you're a lawyer. Or at your family reunion you tell everyone that you're a career bank robber because you don't want to admit that you're an actor in gay porn movies. And let's not forget the pure shame of telling complete strangers that you're a proctologist and suddenly no one wants to shake your hand. It's humiliating, but we all need to put a roof over our heads and food on our tables.

You're not alone! And when you need to go and buy a car or get a new cell phone it's humiliating when they ask you for your pay stub so that they can verify your income, isn't it? Tens of thousands of other people who have jobs just like yours have bought fake pay stubs online because it's just too embarrassing to admit to anyone, even complete strangers, what they do for a living. It's easy to copy your pay stub into a web site and make a fake paystub with a different company name on it. Your peers are doing it, why don't you do it too?

So, how do I make a fake pay stub you ask? But wait. I need more than one fake paystub. How do I make fake paystubs online? It's actually very easy if you use Pay Stub Depot! Our quick and easy paystub generator creates great looking real pay stubs so that you can hold your head up high when you're applying for an apartment instead of hanging your head in shame and hoping that the landlord doesn't tell all of your neighbors that their new neighbor can be seen in several movies that are for sale at the local adult book store, or if they get caught speeding you're a lawyer so you can help them out, or even worse. Any responsible company checks your bank records and tax returns when they're verifying income, but they don't have any way of knowing where your income comes from when they do that, so use our real pay stubs to hide your career!

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